Bubble Wrap Versatile protective packaging 

Using Bubble wrap you can effectively wrap and protect a wide range of products.Used in multiple ways to provide your goods with the ultimate level of protection during transit .


Can be sold in large or small bubble formats giving various  levels of protection also supplied in different cuts exsamples are

1 x1500mm width x 100/50mtrs

2 x750mm widths x 100/50 mtrs 


Biogradable Flow Pack


 Loose Fill is made from GM free starch and is 100% biodegradable.When packed the odourless, white Eco Flo x chips suround the product to provide high level shock and impact  protection for your goods which eliminates breakages.


Flow pack can be coloured to match  your corporate identity.


Foam Protection


* Ideal For protecting glass,polished surfaces and electronics   in transit and storage


** Foam is non-abrasive leaves no reside , acid free


***Strong material , yet light weight to reduce shipping costs


****Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses foam rolls  are environmentally friendly and CFC free


Stretch Wrap Hand /Machine



>generally used to secure  products onto  pallets and stabilising goods


> can be suplied for machines or hand use  


Corrugated Rolls 


>Light weight and economical


>Provides protective padding for goods in transit


>manufactured from recycled paper



> Environmentally friendly



>supplied  in different widths 

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper Rolls

> Low cost packaging Material 

> Made from 100% recycled paper

>Various Roll Widths 600,750, 900 mm

        Edge Protection Products


Foam Recyclable Reusable 

Foam strips used for protecting corners or edges of equipment , machinery and furniture supplied in various forms.


L shaped .            35mmx35mmx3mill x 1000

                             35mmx35mmx3mill x 1500

                             50mmx50mmx4mill x 1200


tulip shaped          15mmx2000

                              15 x 28x 2000

                              35x 28x 2000

                              45x28 x 2000

                              60x 28x 2000

Foam Corners 

                           25x 100

                           45x 100