In the  2018 budget the goverment announced that from April 2022 it would introduce a new tax on the production  and import of all plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content. The 

intension is to tax uk Businesses  £200 per ton of plastic that does not contain the minimum recycled material.

Just  Three of the products              effected 

                                             New BI-Oriented Polythylene Tape 

*Recycling Responsibly

* Tape backing contains 85% recycled  sourced entirely from waste plastic bottles

* Compliant with uk plastic tax legislation


Longer and stronger 

* The tape is naturally stonger  which allows it to be manufactured with a thiner backing 

   resulting in extra meters per tape roll without increasing tape diameter ,so it can be used on        existing tape machinery and dispensers. 


Increased efficiency,Reduced Waste 

* With more meters per roll, 150mtrs overall downtime  attributed to roll changes is reduced

  improving product efficiency, reduced roll numbers also equates to less packaging and core        waste decreasing volume  and handling costs.


48mm  x150m


38mm x990m,38mm x 1500m, 48mm x 990m 48mm x 1500m, 75mm x 990m , 75mm x 1500m


clear, brown, white & printed (up to 8 colours)   

                                     New enviromentaly friendly pallet wrap 


With the introduction of the plastic tax in April 2022 we have three sources of film available.


Type 1 ,

Coextruded 100% recyclable LLDPE film containing 30% recycled content

Suitable for automatic,rotating arm,rotating ring  machines 200% stretch rating (23mu)


Typical use

wraping bricks, cement,chemicals can be used to wrap medium to heavy loads  

Type Two .