How to order your own bespoke boxes 


                               Step one Choose your Style

0201 Style

Standard carton with

overlapping flaps

0409 Style

Wrap around box

This is a wrap for packaging larger items

like mirrors, pictures ect

needs to be sealed with tape

0201 Alt Style

End opening  

alternative to std carton

ifthe depth is less than 100mm suitable for long 

narror objects 

0203 Style

Overlapping flaps 

Standard carton but with overlapping flaps 

for extra strength to the top and bottom of the box  

0411 style

Wrap around   unglued ,

wrap just fold around your product and seal with tape, great for protecting books pictures and other products that need a depth of between 10 and




Step Two Size your box

All Measurments have to be Internal











        Step.  Three.   

 Choose board grade 

  Single Walled B flute

   For items under 15kg weight

Single Walled  C Flute

For items under 15kg weight 

Double Walled B C Flute

For items 15-25 kg weight

In Order To receive a box quote please forward the following

(1)  Internal box length required in millimeters


(2)  Internal Depth of box required in millimeters


(3)  Internal height of box  required in millimeters 


(4)  Board grade required Single walled. Double walled



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