Recent Developments in the cardboard Packaging

The corrugated packaging industry has undergone significant changes in resent years, in a small part due to the vast growth in e-commerce. High volume , versatile packaging is necessity to facilitate the same day handling , next day dispatch service that most customers have come to expect as the norme.


 Whilst e-commerce is dominated by the likes of Amazon ,Ebay, there are plenty of small businesses that have found the internet is the best tool for reaching a much wider audience instantly. These businesses 

may sell their goods on large marketplaces like Amazon or ebay but may choose to fulfil orders themselves, and most don,t have access  to the huge production plants that produce Amazons corrugated packaging.


Many of them resort to using stock boxes.These boxes come in standard sizes,can be bought in bulk and then stored in a warehouse ready to be used. unfortunately this option has several draw backs including large amounts of boxes held in storage plus  the costs that involves and large amounts of empty space

in some boxes, which in turn means large amounts of loose fill or other packaging medium which needs to be held in stock at all times.  


Custom/Bespoke Packaging


For this reason a growing number of small to large businesses are turning to custom and bespoke boxes 

to reduce their stock holding and costs. This is achieved by measuring the product they are looking to distribute, sending the dimensions to a short run box manufacturer, who then produces a sample box to test the fit. Once the customer is happy with the packaging , they then place an order for as few or many as they require.This allows them great flexibility, as they can adjust their orders to suit their sales and reduce their stock holdings once up and running a drip feed system can be established if required.    


There are other advantages to custom packaging,Consumers are increasingly aware of how their on-line orders are delivered , and with the ever-growing focus on increasing sustainability in every industry ,are beginning to frown on companies who send large amounts of unnecessary and un-recyclable packaging to deliver their products. Corrugated made to measure boxes are a perfect solution to this,reducing the plastic waste that the customer has to dispose of.

                  Ecommerce Packaging:How To Save Money

                     And Improve Customer Satisfaction



When it comes to selling products on-line, there is a lot to think about. Sourcing goods, storing products and setting up a web page to sell goods effectively are all high on the priority list for e commerce businesses.However today we,re going to focus an extremely important but often overlooked aspect of the on-line sales sector packaging...


No matter what the product is that you sell on-line, chances are once a customer places an order that product has to be packaged and handed to a carrier to be delivered. Whilst this process may seem innocuous, with just a little effort it is an area for potentially huge savings.

The process of shipping begins with selecting a suitable package for your product to be sent in.This choice is dependent on a number of factors including:


(a) The size of the product and weight

(b) Whether the product is fragile

(c) Whether the product is an odd/irregular shape  

Taking these factors into consideration ,certain options are available.For instance when shipping a pair of socks, a mail bag makes much more sense than a large double walled box filled with soft void fill which in turn would be more suited to a fragile vase. Examples are fairly self-eident making an informed decision for every product being shipped can soon lead to large savings and an even happier , more satisfied customer.


Your aim when selecting packaging should be to reduce the overall size and volume.This has benefits in a number of different areas.Shipping and companies often charge based on the size and weight of the packaging.Reducing the wasted space inside of your shipments reduces your shipping costs,which can then be passed on to customers to boost sales or increase profit margins, reducing this wasted space also saves on void filler,saving you even more money.   


Another important consideration in the current market is how your customer experiences your product when it arrives at their home. Anyone can throw something into a generic stock box, chuck on a label and hand it over to the delivery service without giving it a second thought.Putting in a little extra effort can easily let your brand stand out from the others.If the customer is a regular , consider sending them a personalised note letting them know that you appreciate their loyalty. If you are selling a product that the environmentally conscious might be prone to purchase , think about the filler material you are using.They will definitely appreciate recyclable or recycled packaging, and they are much more likely to think of you next time they go to make a purchase.



In conclusion giving a little more thought to how you ship your goods can make a big difference to your business.